Pricing & Online Booking

Payment made at online booking

PLEASE MAKE PAYMENTS IN CASH, CHECK, or major credit card. Credit card charges subject to small processing fee

Paypal payment accepted at or prior to appointment

Make checks out to Chelynn Tetreault

Paypal to


Client is charged full amount for missed appointments under a 48 hour notice


Ayurvedic Consultation

In person or online

Initial intake and Ayurvedic Diagnostics consultation of 2 hours : $120

Follow up visits, 45-60minutes: $90

  -Herbal formulas are given as part of treatment plan.  Costs of herbal formulas and other products are in addition to consultation investment (estimated $50-150 for 6 weeks).
Special Package Pricing here!
*Online consultation via skype available at same pricing.


60 minute full body Ayurvedic massage with marma point therapy using copious amounts of herbalized oil: $90

Post Partum Abhyanga for Birth Mother Home visit:

$110 (please contact Chelynn to book)

20-30 minutes with 30 minute abhyanga: $100.00
(60 minutes total treatment)

30 minutes with 60 minute abhyanga: $140

Pichu: $15.00 can be added to most treatments

Deep Tissue Massage
30 minutes: $47.00
60 minutes: $85.00 (online booking)
75 minutes: $95.00
90 minutes: $110.00

Hot Stone Massage
90 minutes: $120.00