is a continuous stream
of warm oil over the 3rd eye, or
forehead area.  It is preceeded by a 1/2hour warm oil massage. Shirodhara
helps to relieve a variety of imbalances
including insomnia, stress, and mental fatigue.
Treatment time: 1 hour
Cost: $100 includes oil to take home; $140 for 90 minutes


can be added at the end of any massage treatment. 
It is a simple but very effective Ayurvedic treatment where a cotton cloth is dipped into warm
oil and placed on the forehead for 15 mintues while the client rests.
Picchu is excellent for all imbalances and can provide releif from many
ailments including eye strain and
migraine headaches.
Treatment time: 15minutes
Cost: $15 added to
any massage treatment