Special Package Pricing!

herbal medicine making

All patients, both new and returning, may receive package pricing.
Normally, initial 2 hour appointment ($120) with 4 follow up appointments ($90 each plus cost of herbal formulas) is $480 plus cost of herbal formulas.

Patients who sign up for the 6 week special receive package price of $420.  This special pricing includes initial diagnostic two hour appointment AND 4 hour long follow up visits within a 6 week time frame.  Patients may pay via payment plan or up front.  6 week time frame is mandatory and does not include the additional cost of herbal formulas ($50-150 estimate during the 6 weeks)

Contact Chelynn anytime if you have any questions and would like to book a complimentary 15 minute phone or Skype session to discuss your health and how Ayurvedic Medicine can support you to heal. Call  (617) 939-7657 or email chelynnt@hotmail.com

NEW PATIENTS receive a form to fill out and return to Chelynn via email.